Mass Street Group Contact Information. Company Name: Mass Street Group

Mass Street Group Contact Information. Company Name: Mass Street Group

Allegations against Mass Street Group received: “This business put profit a merchant account of mine without me ever also looking for them down or calling them. We had clicked on an email during my inbox and after reading it I clicked regarding the “UNSUBSCRIBE” option. Evidently they must“UNSUBSCRIBE” have mistaken for “accept loan offer”. Anyhow just when I understood there was clearly an unauthorized deposit during my account when you look at the level of $300 we contacted my bank. My bank surely could offer me personally the information from the business and also attempted to redirect the deposit back once again to Mass Street Group. Well it was struggling to go through therefore I called Mass Street Group and told them precisely what I’ve explained above and I also had been told the best way to obtain the cash away from my account ended up being by spending a $90 charge that was really exactly exactly what their finance fee ended up being for the $300. So here i will be with cash we never asked for or inquired about through Mass Street Group deposited into my banking account as well as the way that is only of it {came back once again to them ended up being by me personally having to pay the $90 and the initial $300. Then every 2 weeks they were going to automatically deduct $90 from my checking account if i did not return the $300. Well story that is long, they scammed me personally. Therefore beware and start to become cautious with any e-mails from some of these cash advance or quick money type websites cause you simply never ever know you could end a victim up of a fraud the same as I was.”

We received the allegations that are following Mass Street Group: “This business delivered me personally a few email messages saying that I had been authorized for the loan using them. We never used together with them or accepted any loan terms, and they wired the amount of money into my account. Because of the time we noticed it, they had currently taken a repayment. I tried to phone and keep in touch with somebody, nevertheless the recording states that the working workplace is closed.”

We received more allegations about Mass Street Group:“This ongoing business just placed 300 bucks in my own account.

We don’t understand who they really are, would not make an application for a loan I try to reach them it says they are closed with them and when. I’m not really yes exactly exactly how they got my information to my bank-account nonetheless it worries me personally like it. that i’m going to stay exactly the same situation as several of those other folks and we don’t”

These allegations were received by us: “They put 200 bucks in my own account that we never authorized. We paid that straight back and they stated there’s solution fee for 60 bucks – every time We have paid they remove it my account. Then they said we had to spend an additional 260 bucks to cease them from using re repayments out my account which means that they truly are taking more income out than what they devote my account. We never finalized for anything and I also never ever knew concerning this ongoing business.”

We received these allegations against Mass Street Group: “Deposited $300 into my bank checking account. I’ve never ever been aware of this company before nor did We ever submit an application for any loan together with them. I’d to change my bank checking account and before I became in a position to do therefore, they withdrew $90 which overdrew my account and caused me personally yet another $72 in bank costs. Now they have been demanding $510 from me personally plus interest. They have already withdrawn $90 from my account. I do want to spend them $138 to own them disappear and additionally they will maybe maybe not hear from it. They scream and yell in to the phone at me personally and jeopardize to just take me personally to collection. All from a business we never heard about and never ever asked to accomplish business with! They are being reported by me to every agency that may pay attention in hopes of creating them PREVENT THEIR PROHIBITED ACTIVITY! Price me $72 in overdraft costs and I also needed to close my bank account and begin a brand new one. Needed to reorganize all my payments that are direct creditors and possesses been a nightmare, all from a business I never ever also been aware of!”

We received allegations that are disturbing NetPDL offering Mass Street Group. See NetPDL Contact Info for details.

We received these allegations against Fanelli and Associates: “Entity Details: Fanelli & Associates, 1567 Military Road Suite #7, Tonawanda, nyc 14217. John Gamble. Andrew Fanelli. Complaint: final week i acquired a call from the John Gamble, stated he had been a supervisor, but truthfully we don’t think they can count to 10. He claimed we owed a bill when we questioned it he could not show that we also took that loan. It sounded like he had been reading from an item of paper. In writing, and when he finally sent me my letter it had the wrong Social Security Number so I was instructed by a friend to get it. He got on the phone again and said the police will be there to get me or he will come to my house and make me pay the bill when I called to ask for a manager. We immediately hung up and called my cousin that is legal counsel. He recomme personallynded us to phone the Attorney General on it. He’s a rather frightening individual. Thank you for having this website therefore I can share my experiences. John Gamble is a fraudulence and fake, plus the ongoing business he works for as well.”

More allegations against Mass Street Group: “Entity Details Francis Edwards. Complaint: This team deposited $300 into my account that is checking right back. We spend them right back more than the total amount I became expected to spend and I have a call inside my work yesterday stating that if We don’t spend them you will have legislation matches and a warrant out for my arrest. We also offered them my bank account that is new quantity. Stupid stupid stupid! They currently taking out fully $230 and additionally they want $400 more. Now after scanning this site I’m certain I happened to be simply scammed and must keep in touch with bank thing that is first the early morning.”

We received more allegations: “Mass Street Group has brought all my cash away from my account. I’d to shut my account. We don’t even comprehend who they really are.”

These allegations against Mass Group cash advance had been rec’d: “In 2012 we took a loan out with this particular business and I also had been later once or twice them off until I paid . 3 years later on a group agency calls me personally and threatens to have me offered and simply simply just take me personally court for a debt which was currently taken care of. Unfortuitously i will be struggling to have proof but we additionally genuinely believe that the corporation should really be completely investigated in place of being harassed from all of these rude enthusiasts. We currently have to pay for $386.00 for something which had been taken care of. If anyone has already established this issue the actual only real feasible way to go back into your bank records maybe the evidence is seen there. I am doing my own investigations with my bank.”

More allegations were gotten from this unknown entity: “They took $100 away from my account and I also haven’t ever had any transactions with this particular business. ‘MASS STREET GROU LOANPAYMNT’ may be the title turning up regarding the draft that is direct my account.”

We rec’d these allegations against Mass Street Group Loan Payment: “We have no clue who they are nevertheless they took $100 out of my account.” Regarding the day that is same we additionally received these allegations against Mass Street Group: “Entity Details: A Alison D keeps calling me and another man or woman who refused to spot himself makes threatening communications. Saying they’re going to register bank fraudulence fees against me personally. We have never ever gotten an online payday loan online and never ever heard about Mass Street Group. Nor can I be calling them specially after reading all of these horror tales. Problem: Calling me bank that is threatening costs and harassing me personally at work.”

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