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Ease: Muslim Funeral Support

Losing a loved is a very difficult and emotionally challenging time for any human being. To add to that, organising a funeral within a limited amount of time can be even more stressful. Most people are blessed to have friends and family who will emotionally and financially support them through this process, helping give their loved one a dignified burial.

However, the average cost of a funeral is approximately £4000, which is a substantial amount of money to gather within a short amount of time.

Unfortunately there are many people out there within our community, who don't have family and friends that are able to support them during bereavement.

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Ease was founded in 2020 with the noble mission of helping struggling families across Greater Manchester bury their loved ones.

We aspire to financially support funeral costs of those who are unable to do so, whilst protecting the dignity of the deceased and their family.

The support we provide is limited to financial support, covering the immediate expenses of funerals. We will only make payments directly to funeral directors and the amount of payment depends on each individual case and the charities financial situation. We do not intend to provide financial support directly to families.

Ease will manage all referrals with full confidentiality and sensitivity throughout the full process from referral to payment.

Ease is accessible to anyone in the UK who may need financial support for a burial. Please make sure you obtain the consent of the deceased’s next of kin before making an application.

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To ensure we adhere to Islamic principles, we carry out our work under the guidance and advice of scholars at Compass Guidance Oldham.